Sewing School

Some of the nicest times in the Cotton Factory Studio have been teaching children to sew. I have two sons. One is sports mad, the other is technology mad. Neither are sewing mad, (yet) despite my best efforts.

So, onto those who do want to learn. And the magic of that process has been beautifully captured in this Fabric range, called Sewing School. Designed by my sweary friend and Ballarat local Jodie Carleton.

Arriving at the Studio in December, we have listed bolts for pre-order. We shall turn pre-orders around the same day, so you will be sewing with these before Christmas. (Or possibly just enjoy having them to look at in your stash).


sewing-school-fussy-cutting-green     sewing-school-scotties-blue


Link to my online store is here for your enjoyment. (And maybe a crafty plan).


So, I’ll give you the tip. If you want to significantly limit your own sewing time, then just open a sewing Studio.

Believe me, I am not complaining, but the image of shop owners sitting about all day sewing whatever they like, is not my reality. My current sewing projects are a range of hand sewing (mostly English Paper Piecing) and small projects that provide quick gratification.

I LOVE Cotton Factory. I love the vibe. I love the peeps who have become an integral part of our online and in-real-life communities and I really love the people Cotton Factory has introduced me to.

Sue Daley is one such person. An incredible talent, stalwart of the Australian industry, teacher, business collaborator and now friend. I have thoroughly enjoyed Sue’s support since connecting last year.

She reached out a few months ago and asked if I would like to be part of the blog tour for her new range Bittersweet.

When I happily accepted Sue’s invitation, I also warned her I would’t need much fabric. My contribution would be small. And whilst small it is, I am delighted with this wonderful little purse. Just look at that fabric!

It’s bright.

It’s vibrant.

It offers incredible fussy cutting opportunities and equally at home being used as a single piece.

These jelly clips are positively a piece of cake to use. The pattern is included with the frame.

And that black and white gingham against the red frame. Yep love that too.

image image



Congratulations Sue. This is the most delightful range.

Thankyou for welcoming my small contribution.

Our Bittersweet bolts are listed online. Jelly clips we stock all the time.





Up, Up and Away

My oldest son has been entirely obsessed with Aviation for as long as I can remember.

He loves maps, travel, and any and all electronic applications about these things. He can tell you the ins and outs of all makes and models of aircraft – loves seeing planes, being in planes, talking about planes or talking about aircraft disasters.

Well no disasters here today. When I spied this at my Wholesaler there was no way these bolts were not coming home. My rapidly growing pre teen will soon have an Aviation inspired quilt on his bed.

My four favourite from this range. Listed online for the Aviation lover at your place.

Enjoy. Toodle pip for now.


Aviation    Aviation Den Map News

Fun in the Sun, and the Sewing Room.

Often you don’t need a lot of words.

So all I am going to say is I am LOVING these funky new products, made from 95% recycled plastics. Oh yeah baby.

Dimensions as follows:

Pouch: 18.4cm high x 24.1cm width

Tote: 27.9cm high x 38.1cm wide x 15.9cm deep.

Listed online. Available for shipping absolutely everywhere. Great gifts, for yourself or others.







Many devotees won’t need any explanation when I say ‘La Pass’.

For those who need some background, pop yourself on over to the Quiltmania site, and see what all the fuss is about.

Quiltmania are calling for applicants to have La Pass quilts exhibited at Quilt Market later this year.

Get on it good peeps. Get on it.



Patchwork Puzzle – an Australian Collaboration

12 Australian Designers.

12 Australian Retailers.

One amazing quilt.

I love this sort of collaboration! It is good for the Australian industry and good for the soul. Working with like minded crafters and being a small part of a very colourful whole.

Cotton Factory paired with Sharon Burgess – and this is the block designed by Sharon. Our block kits are now available ($19.95) and we also have the finishing kits for the entire quilt.

Read more about the program here, (and there are some prizes you may want to know about, for those who like free craft stuff.)

Blocks and Finishing Kits available here.



I am so pleased to be part of the #100days100blocks process.

When @gnomeangel asked me if I would be one of the sponsors I jumped at the chance.

She has done so much work behind the scenes, including all the written detail that follows here, which I have kindly taken from her blog. Please visit her blog to see full detail of ALL the sponsors and prizes. Very cool.

Tonnes of prizes – including a sewing machine!

When? Starts: Block 1 will be posted on Wednesday 17 August 2016 Australian Eastern Standard Time (Sydney’s timezone). Ends: Block 100 will be posted on Thursday 24 November 2016 (Thanksgiving Day) Australian Eastern Standard Time (Sydney’s timezone).

Blocks can be posted at any time during the day, they just have to be posted on the correct day.

A Note About Timezones

All dates, as written in this blog post and for the purpose of our organising, will be in Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST). This is the timezone for Sydney, Australia. The beauty of doing this via Instagram is that it will date stamp your block with the day and time you post it. To be eligible for prizes you need to have posted the correct block for the correct date in your timezone. It’s simple and means you don’t have to worry about doing any time conversions, etc. Just post your block on the date we’ve advised and you’ll be good to go.

Where’s it happening?

Instagram is where it’s at. It will only be run on Instagram. There’s no tutorials and there’s no blog hops. It’s all about sharing your blocks on Instagram. You will need an Instagram account to be able to participate. Instagram is free to join and you can find it in your app store on your phone.

What’s the Block order?

We will be sewing the blocks in numerical order. So block 1 on day 1, etc. etc. until we get to block 100 on day 100.

I am scheduled for blocks 1 – 10, which is exciting, as they are the first blocks off the rank. My prize pack is a five inch charm pack of Tula Pink True Colours, and a 2017 Tula Pink colouring calendar. Total prize value $55 (AU).

So – do play along. It will be loads of fun, inspirational fabrics with tonnes of IG love to go around.

#100Days100Blocks - Sew a block a day for one hundred days using Tula Pink's City Sampler as your guide. Find out more on

#100Days100Blocks – Sew a block a day for one hundred days using Tula Pink’s City Sampler as your guide. Find out more on


On Trend.

Everything old is new again.

I was taught to crochet by my Nan. For me it was special time, just her and I (she had nineteen grandchildren) and adored us all. She also had an incredibly unique way of making every single one of us feel as though we were her special one! (I was, but don’t tell the other 18).

I went to a tiny school in country SA, and at lunchtime the grade 5 and 6 students who could crochet, were ‘allowed’ to go into the grade 7 classroom, where we worked our tails off, making blankets. The blankets were then donated to the local Old Folks home (at which point I am sure the teachers took all the credit). But enough about my childhood hang ups.

For years I made endless things. Shawls, pillows, blankets galore.

Then the teenage years came. Time away from home to study. Jobs, cars, boyfriends. Time passed. More jobs, one proper boyfriend, marriage, travel, kids. Not much crochet.

Until the last few years. And once you learn you never forget. It was a delight to pick up my Nan’s old tin of hooks and be on my way. I again have multiple projects on the go, and find myself one of the cool kids. Crochet is so on-trend. Nan would be most pleased.

And at my Studio, it is the most popular class we run. Thrilled to have my teacher back in the loop (she has been away doing some of those family, marriage, job things), so after a short hiatus we are back in the crochet groove.

Get your groove on by joining us on Saturday 6th August. You too will be pleased you learnt.

Booking info right here:



Sometimes it is good to be very fussy!

Having great fun with these. A lovely distraction on a shockingly cold Ballarat winter’s day.



Online here:

Magpies – flying back to us

So many requests from you bird/animal/Aussie lovers to restock this baby – so as it happens it’s on its way back to us in just three weeks.

How cool is the brand new grey?

Local and overseas postage listed online.