Online Garage Sale – ahead of moving day. Yep. The Studio is moving, and the prospect of moving every single bolt is a little too much to comprehend.

So. You get to help move it all, one half metre cut at a time.

For Reds – go here.

Blue – here

Greens – love the greens. Go here.

Low Volumes. Yum yum yum. Right here.

Time Holz Designer. Click here.

Natalie Barns. Go here.

Panels – super cool. Here for those.

Black, whites, greys. Here for those.

Yellow and Mustards. Love these. Here for those.

Scrap Packs. Lots to love. Here for those.

And if you are in a giving mood. Donate a metre of fabric to the Very Snuggly Quilt Program, for just $10. Too easy. Here for that.

That should keep us all busy for a wee while.