Weather permitting? Actually that has absolutely nothing to do with what I want to tell you. But every other title I was thinking of sounded so preachy, and if any of us read another inspirational quote, or lecture about the new year and change (and how hard change is, and what we have learnt about ourselves, blah-d-blah blah) – well we might all be screaming.

First up nobody panic. Normally at this time I would be shooting out all sorts of emails about the Studio re-opening, and new classes and new products. But actually I am delaying the re-opening of the Studio for an indefinite period. The reality is our  online business has grown so significantly, that it has become a business in it’s own right. To that end, and to able to meet increasing customer demand, and become more efficient and innovative with the online business – I am taking the time to focus on it.

Most of you won’t notice a jot of difference. Our online store and social media sales will keep chugging along, like the little engine that could, and without the fixed studio hours, I may actually be a little freer to hang out with you, and take elements of the Studio on road trips. I do love a good road trip.

To continue to satisfy our bricks and mortar customers the Studio will remain in play for events and bookings by appointment. And for those far away, through the beauty of the www, your crafty cravings can be satisfied 24/7 online.

So. As you were. A bit happening here, which I’ll get back to.