Scrap packs.
Choose your flavour.
We have done large scrap packs in the recent past, and they have been wonderfully popular.
For those that like more specificity, we have made up some smaller bundles. Specific colour groups.

Most bundles are approx. 8 fat eights. There are some smaller pieces (and all very useful sizes).
There is at least one metre of fabric in every bundle, and a min of eight different fabrics. And at $12 per bundle these are great buying. (The photos are indicative; these are some of the first bundles ready for shipment).
Postage is as a letter ($3.30 in Australia), so a lovely way to inject some variety into your stash.

Black, white and grey.
Low volumes, (neutrals, creams, whites and light greys)
Blue and greens. (I sew with these a lot, so there is always oodles of choice in these).
Rainbow. (A little of each of the colour spectrum).
Each bundle unique.

Available here.