We have all heard the jokes from non quilters, about how we take perfectly good fabric and cut it up, only to stitch it all back together again.

I think it best we just feel sorry for the people who can’t or don’t sew, as they don’t know the joy that is fabric, colour and texture.

But that aside, I have spent the morning with my newest book, and it’s another corker. This book encourages you to cut up your fabric with intention.

Angie has been a long time supporter of Cotton Factory. I’ve worked with her at a distance on a couple of social media based sew-alongs, and she is a technology wiz and wonderful creator. Here’s wishing her nothing but success as her first book hits our shelves. My advance copy is going to be absolutely falling apart before the month is out!

My mother-load of books comes this month, and if you’d like to be amongst the fussy cutting goodies, they will ship to you the week of 24th September, if not before.

Some page shots, for your planning enjoyment.

Available to order here.