Three POSTS IN THREE DAYS. I know. Getting greedy. Call me an attention junkie.

However – as I write to tell you about our next Social Media gathering, it would be sort of silly not to use all the social media angles to do it!

Got time for a cuppa and a chat?

Saturday 9th Sept. 12 – 3. Cotton Factory. 128 Clyde Street, Ballarat.

Full kettles. The flash biscuits. Sandwiches. (Perhaps bring a plate and we will make it a shared lunch).

Freebie pattern bundle for all attendees.

The $5 fee is just so I know you are coming – and I haven’t figured out how to make it free in BigCartel.

Easily sorted. I will refund it from any purchases you make on the day.

There will be some PARTY only specials. A few things you haven’t seen yet and we will whip out the Scan and Cut for demonstrations for anyone interested.

So. Pop that baby in your diary and I look forward to seeing you there.