And now for something completely different.

Designer Studio scrap bags.

Haven’t done these before, but given the state of the boltends and the scrap baskets, now feels like a very good time.

There’s at least one piece of fabric from each of Anna Maria Horner, Alison Glass, Emma Jansen, Jen Kingwell, Sue Daley, Cotton and Steel, Carolyn Friendlander and a text and low volume or two.

The smallest piece is an entirely respectable 5 inch charm square. The largest pieces are just shy of being full fat quarters.

All fabrics purchased and sold by Cotton Factory. Each bag unique. Approx 2.5m of fabric in each bag (but I am well known for being heavy handed and rather generous, so your treasure may well exceed that).

Enjoy. Here’s the link to have your postie bring you one.

And the horrid photo? Deliberate. I want these to be a lovely surprise when you open them.

Toodle for now. Got scraps to scrunch.