The day: Thursday 10th August.

The players: Peta Peace by text (PP), A Crafty Friend in the Know (ACFITK) and myself (AvB)

The conversation:

AvB: “I feel awful. I have just sent Peta a text saying I won’t have anything made in time for the Book Tour. Life has just gotton in the way this month.”

ACFITK: “Are you sure? I don’t think the Book Tour has even started yet?”

AvB: “Yep. Certain. Absolutely. I had it in my diary that I am on, Friday 11th August. TOMORROW! I’ve already sent a message. She (PP) was totally understanding.”

ACFITK: Plays with phone. “Let me check that. I am sure you are wrong, you Nutter!”

(I was possibly already a tad tired and emotional; my ACFITK telling me I was both wrong and a knucklehead was really not helping. She was also using stronger language in the delivery of said message. She was very clear.)

ACFITK: “You bloody idiot. You are not even scheduled until the 20th!”

AvB: Perking up nicely. “Oh really. Are you sure? Well that’s heaps of time. I can be all over this.” Some small (unremarkable) dance steps followed.

AvB text to PP: “Sorry – again – I am a Knucklehead. Had my dates all up the spout. Totes good for the 20th. Happy book Tour!”

PP text response: “Great, tx, and you really aren’t a Knucklehead.”

AvB text response: “Ummm our ACFITK is here and she absolutely ASSURES me I am.”

ACFITK even added adjectives to emphasise certain parts of my Knuckle-headedness. We remain friends, and now friends who have the dates straight. She’s a keeper my crafty-friend-in-the-know.

So you see, dear reader, there had been some considerable lead up , and nothing has even happened yet; of the crafty kind.

The 11th comes and almost goes. That was a Friday. That was the day I thought I was showing you the finished item. However in a thirty minute timeslot between getting home and the country school buses arriving, I cut out my mini quilt. Not only was I back on task, but a plan was emerging. A plan I became increasingly pumped about.

I had now chosen the project – Wrapped in Love Mini Quilt. I had also chosen the feature fabric, the background, the binding AND THE RECIPIENT. Really – nothing says ‘Yes I would love to be part of your book tour’, than killing two birds with one stone, and making something special for that special person’s special birthday.

As you can see. The recipient – let’s call her Grandma – loves Kaffe and Grunge. Check and check.

Now, it’s 12th August. I got up crazy early. You know. I have a plan. I needed to be out of the house by 9:30am. Showered and dressed. That mini was sewn together and ironed in the wee hours somewhere between 6:30am and about 8am. Man was I falling in love with it at this point. The rest of the day was a non event craftwise. But in my mind I had this. Just need to quilt and bind this puppy and we are sorted.

That brings us to Sunday. Basketball try outs. ‘Why yes’, say I, mere moments before walking out the door with my basketball child. “I will hand quilt this beauty.” (Having never actually hand quilted anything before). “And I shall do it at the Basketball stadium, with 400 loud 14 year olds, and 380 basketballs flying around.”

The hand quilting spilled over into Monday. Binding Monday night. Binding completed by exactly 10pm Monday night, (bed was 10:05pm) and we have a finish. A delightful, fruity, playful, before time finish, finish, finish.

Tuesday 15th – IN THE MAIL YOU GO, little beauty. You are off to live in an interstate post code. Express Post, just to be sure. More dancing, but this time at the post office counter. (Dancing in public. Not to be sneezed at. It’s basically my cardio. Best to have a thick skin though).


(Early Sat morning. The house is quiet. Loving myself sick. Blocks coming along nicely).

(Handquilting at the Basketball Stadium).

(Artistic, on-the-side photo, making up for the fact there is just no sunshine. About five minutes before lodging the parcel at the Post Office).

Anyhoo. Should we talk about the actual book?

The project: Wrapped in Love Mini Quilt on page 37 of A Piece of Cake.

The Author: Peta Peace. All around good person. Quilter with the mostest, and possesses an above average ability to stay calm, (and maintain a sense of humour) when those around her clearly can’t even work a calendar.

Fabrics. A Kaffe charm pack I had saved for just the right occasion. Moda Grunge in dark grey as the background fabric. Wow. I loved sewing with that).

Batting. A new Bamboo batting I have recently started stocking. Enjoyed this. A lovely softness to the finished product. Nothing sexy about a photo of batting, so you’ll just have to imagine it’s soft, white bamboo-ey goodness.

The cutting instructions are absolutely bang on. Very little waste. We all like that. This project comes together wonderfully quickly. You’d halve your project time if you machine quilt it.

These blocks are fun. Seventeen quick half square triangles (I’m a trimmer), and otherwise squares and rectangles. I am ready to make the larger version now.

Congratulations Peta. I love that you have focussed on Layer Cakes. I will actually use one on the larger version, when I have, you know, more time……