You know that feeling when you just fall for someone the first time you meet them?

By way of background – I am very confident that I am a heterosexual, middle age Mother, with all the joys of tired joints, greying hair and hormone variations (that are memorable).

But when I met Josephine Kelly, of The Very Snuggly Quilt program, I was absolutely taken with her energy, commitment, organisation, (good looks and great hair) personality and charm.

Whether Ms Kelly likes it or not, she will be spending more time with me! I have a definite craft-crush on her.

The Very Snuggly Quilt program is a charity quilting group run under the Victorian Quilters Inc. banner. (

On the second Tuesday of every month the group deliver an amazing 170 to 200 quilts to the children who are patients at the Royal Children Hospital, located in Melbourne, Australia. (Hat’s off to the care givers in every children’s hospital, all around the world).

That’s every month people. They undertake to visit all wards except short term stays.

It is hoped that these quilts will provide some extra warmth and comfort to the children and their families at a difficult time.

Families frequently express their surprise that people generously spend time to create something that is then given to a child they do not know. As you can imagine, the quilts quickly become treasured possessions, with many of the children bringing the quilt back to hospital for another appointments or future admissions.

The group rely on fabric donations. They receive some fantastically generous support. They also receive a lot of brown fabric. A lot of very dated fabric, and we all know how quickly fashion changes, including in the world of fabric.

Cotton Factory will host a Charitable Sewing Day later this year. We will be actively seeking support from our local crafting community to come and sew on the day, and provide a good number of quilts to this fantastic cause.

But that got me thinking. The Cotton Factory Community is so much broader than the township of Ballarat, so I wanted to give everyone the chance to make a contribution to The Very Snuggly Quilt Program, by way of a fabric donation.

As soon as I had the idea I decided that we should set a target. First I thought 20 metres, then 50. But in no time at all I decided we should endeavour to donate 100 metres of fabric to this group, and really pump up their stash with some modern lovelies.

Each donation will be acknowledged. I’ll take care of the Big Cartel fees, the PayPal fees, the GST, blah blah blah, plus the cutting fees.

We are giving you the chance to buy a metre of fabric – at a substantial discount to retail, such that we make this affordable for all – and can race towards the target.

Fabric will be cut and labelled with your details at the time of purchase, and then presented to Josephine at the sewing day in August this year.

Choose the theme or colour of fabric you would like to donate, and we will do the rest for you.

As I will be handing each folded and wrapped metre of fabric to Josephine personally, there is no shipping charged, so crafters from all around the world are welcome to participate.

Here’s the link. You just decide what type of fabric you would like to donate.

Thankyou in advance crafters. Nothing like a community of people pulling together.