Everything old is new again.

I was taught to crochet by my Nan. For me it was special time, just her and I (she had nineteen grandchildren) and adored us all. She also had an incredibly unique way of making every single one of us feel as though we were her special one! (I was, but don’t tell the other 18).

I went to a tiny school in country SA, and at lunchtime the grade 5 and 6 students who could crochet, were ‘allowed’ to go into the grade 7 classroom, where we worked our tails off, making blankets. The blankets were then donated to the local Old Folks home (at which point I am sure the teachers took all the credit). But enough about my childhood hang ups.

For years I made endless things. Shawls, pillows, blankets galore.

Then the teenage years came. Time away from home to study. Jobs, cars, boyfriends. Time passed. More jobs, one proper boyfriend, marriage, travel, kids. Not much crochet.

Until the last few years. And once you learn you never forget. It was a delight to pick up my Nan’s old tin of hooks and be on my way. I again have multiple projects on the go, and find myself one of the cool kids. Crochet is so on-trend. Nan would be most pleased.

And at my Studio, it is the most popular class we run. Thrilled to have my teacher back in the loop (she has been away doing some of those family, marriage, job things), so after a short hiatus we are back in the crochet groove.

Get your groove on by joining us on Saturday 6th August. You too will be pleased you learnt.

Booking info right here: http://www.cottonfactory.bigcartel.com/product/beginner-crochet-class