Cotton Factory Community Block Swap


A common theme when crafters talk about swaps, is how hard they are to organise, how varied the fabrics are (some chain store, some high quality fabric store, some Vintage, some – well we are just not sure really) and how hard it is to manage when people don’t follow through.

I think we have cut through all that with this brand new Community Block Swap. I am proud of the community that has established itself around Cotton Factory, and am excited that we have the opportunity to be the central point for another community event. (So you will already have realised that #cfc is Cotton Factory Community).

Open to crafters near and far the swap will work as follows:

  1. Purchase your Block Pack from Cotton Factory
  2. Make four blocks
  3. Return as many (or as few) as you decide
  4. You will receive the SAME number of swap blocks by return mail, that you sent in.

For locals we will have some days set aside to come and sew your blocks. For those far away, you may like to sew with others in your own town, who are also part of the Cotton Factory Community.

All fabrics have been chosen by Cotton Factory. They include Carolyn Friedlander, Art Gallery, Jen Kingwell, Free Spirit and a range of well known, best quality, quilting cottons. For enquiring minds, the colour scheme is: mustard, teal, muted oranges and hints of citrus. Frankly I am loving the whole thing just sick. But that’s enough about me.

We have partnered with Eye Candy Quilts to provide the pattern in your Block Swap Packs, at cost.

Block packs consist of

  • 30cm of a Neutral background fabric
  • Two FQ’s of fantastic colour
  • Your pattern for the quilt called Exhibit, by Eye Candy Quilts.
  • A stamped, return address envelope for you to use to return your blocks.

Image 4

Block Pack (and yours will come with a stamped, self addressed envelope)

Pattern, 30cm background, two FQ’s.

(Photo credit Craft House Lincoln)

So here’s the fine print.

  • The program will launch on Sat 11th June. You can purchase your blocks before then, and I will post on Saturday.
  • You purchase a Block Pack from Cotton Factory. You can do this online or at the Studio.
  • We will keep the Block Packs available until the end of July 2016. The purchase price of $28 is made up of fabric $18, pattern $8, postage $2.
  • Should you decide you wish to purchase other fabric packs these are only $18. (They contain 30cm of background and two FQ’s. [Obviously you only need to purchase the pattern once, and the return envelope once.]) To ensure a fantastic variety in blocks we will ensure all bundles are different.
  • You make your blocks. Your Block Pack will yield four blocks. Two pairs of identical blocks. Each additional fabric pack will yield four blocks (two pairs of two blocks).

Image 2

Two sets of twin blocks. Each Block pack and fabric pack will yield this many blocks.

(Photo Credit @graceelizabethsinc)

AND WARNING: these blocks are the equivalent of your favourite potato chips late on a Saturday night. You actually cannot stop at one. I did some block testing before launching the program. I already have 12 blocks that are ready to rock and roll! You have been truthfully and fairly warned.

Using the stamped envelope we provided, return as many blocks as you would like to swap to Cotton Factory by Wednesday 31st August.

By return mail, that same week, you will receive the same number of blocks that you sent in. For example, if you decide to keep two of the blocks you made, and send two, I will send you two different blocks.

If you purchase additional Fabric packs, and send in twelve blocks, then I will send you back 12 blocks, each of them being different. You will quickly build a gorgeous multi coloured quilt.

Image 1

Fabric Packs. 30cm background and two FQ’s.

(Photo credit Craft House Lincoln)

So, recapping key dates.

  1. To start, just purchase a Block Pack before the end of July.
  2. Make your blocks
  3. Post your swap blocks such that they arrive at Cotton Factory by 31st August
  4. Get ready to receive your Swap blocks later that same week (or early the following week – dependent on Australia Post, the Universe and the usual postal planetary alignment).
  5. In your own sweet time you make up your quilt. Keep using the tag #cfcblockswap, so we can all stay connected with your progress.

Unanswered questions, I’m sure you have some. Here’s what I came up with.

Can I join if I am International? Sure thing. The online listing includes postal options for the rest of world. The only difference is I have not enclosed a SSAE, so you will be responsible for the cost of getting your blocks back to me. Shipping two blocks will typically not be expensive, and I will assume the postal cost of getting the swap blocks back to you.

Can I use my own fabric? Nope, not this time. We are providing a well chosen, broad range of fabrics, that deliberately work with this great pattern.

What if I don’t send in any blocks? No sweat. I just won’t send any back to you. You send. You get. Simple. And then no-one is left disappointed that their block partner wasn’t able to follow through.