Alert all the publications.

I have been sewing. A lot lately. Some for me. Some for others, and some road testing products for the Studio.

It’s just lovely when your sewing MoJo returns at full force, time suddenly seems easier to find, and a few great results urge you on to more.

I am particularly happy with these babies. The clips are a new product for the Studio, and they make up a treat.



Lots of great colours (mind you some of the brights are selling out quicker than I can restock) and my present cupboard is now looking very healthy again, with a good start on Christmas and birthday treats for my sewing friends.

(Shhh, don’t tell but they are all getting purses this year).

medium multi


I’ve listed these puppies online, so you can flirt with your purse sewing MoJo, should you choose.