I suspect it’s a fine line between doing TOO many posts, and not nearly enough, and am truly stunned at how many months have gone by, with nothing appearing in this space.

I have previously promised not to bombard you, but the silence has caught up on me.

Suffice to say. Life is good. Business is thriving, and generally all things at Cotton Factory are a happy merry circus.

Class listings here. Many more to come, so just keep an eye on that. We are already booking tutors for 2016 also.

Lots of fun things happening in house.

Lots of great stuff online.

And a picture of this great new Backyard Circus fabric, by talented Ballarat designer Jodie Carleton.

And a happy Circus it all is indeed.

Best to all of you in Craftland.


Ava and Oliphant Blue   Stars White