Online Garage Sale – ahead of moving day. Yep. The Studio is moving, and the prospect of moving every single bolt is a little too much to comprehend.

So. You get to help move it all, one half metre cut at a time.

For Reds – go here.

Blue – here

Greens – love the greens. Go here.

Low Volumes. Yum yum yum. Right here.

Time Holz Designer. Click here.

Natalie Barns. Go here.

Panels – super cool. Here for those.

Black, whites, greys. Here for those.

Yellow and Mustards. Love these. Here for those.

Scrap Packs. Lots to love. Here for those.

And if you are in a giving mood. Donate a metre of fabric to the Very Snuggly Quilt Program, for just $10. Too easy. Here for that.

That should keep us all busy for a wee while.


Rain Delay

Weather permitting? Actually that has absolutely nothing to do with what I want to tell you. But every other title I was thinking of sounded so preachy, and if any of us read another inspirational quote, or lecture about the new year and change (and how hard change is, and what we have learnt about ourselves, blah-d-blah blah) – well we might all be screaming.

First up nobody panic. Normally at this time I would be shooting out all sorts of emails about the Studio re-opening, and new classes and new products. But actually I am delaying the re-opening of the Studio for an indefinite period. The reality is our  online business has grown so significantly, that it has become a business in it’s own right. To that end, and to able to meet increasing customer demand, and become more efficient and innovative with the online business – I am taking the time to focus on it.

Most of you won’t notice a jot of difference. Our online store and social media sales will keep chugging along, like the little engine that could, and without the fixed studio hours, I may actually be a little freer to hang out with you, and take elements of the Studio on road trips. I do love a good road trip.

To continue to satisfy our bricks and mortar customers the Studio will remain in play for events and bookings by appointment. And for those far away, through the beauty of the www, your crafty cravings can be satisfied 24/7 online.

So. As you were. A bit happening here, which I’ll get back to.

The Season of Australian EPP Design

A New Quilt, or two?

All EPP.
Yes please.
Click of the photos to be magically transported to the listing.
I will have in the post to you next Monday 11th Dec.



Let’s give the Very Snuggly’s a VERY Happy Christmas

For those of you who were part of our Very Snuggly Quilt Program donation earlier in 2017 – you know I have a huge crush on the organisers of this program, and enormous respect for the work they do.

Josephine Kelly, is my contact at The Very Snuggly Quilt program. I was talking to Josephine recently, and we are trying to lock down a date, to squeeze in another Charity sewing day before year end. The reality of real life, competing diaries blah blah, may actually mean it slips into the early part of the new year, but that aside, there is no reason we can’t give The Very Snuggly’s a Very Happy Christmas.

The fabric that was previously donated has been used, and made into quilts. Many have already been gifted. Some are awaiting quilting and others binding. And I am chuffed that we were able to make an impact.

So, as the silly season approaches, lets do it again. This time it is all about the teenage boy. Think Aviation. Think the Galaxy. Think LOL text. Mustard’s and Navy’s. Red and Oranges. Think Moda Grunge. Fabric suitable for teenage boys is the most under-represented in the donation space, and I am very confident the Cotton Factory Community can fill that gap.

Buy a metre of fabric – at a substantial discount to retail, and we will donate it in your name to The Very Snuggly Quilt Program. $15 and your chosen metre will be on it’s way.

Each donation will be acknowledged. I’ll take care of the Big Cartel fees, the PayPal fees, the GST, blah blah blah, and happily cut the fabrics.

Fabric will be cut and labelled with your details at the time of purchase, put into a lovely big box to be donated to Josephine and her team.

Choose the theme or colour of fabric you would like to donate, and we will do the rest for you. Choose type, colour or even a stripe, (which are great for binding).

As I will be handing each folded and wrapped metre of fabric to Josephine personally, there is no shipping charged, so crafters from all around the world are welcome to participate. My aim is to deliver the fabric in the early part of December, so let’s get those donations rolling in throughout the month of November.

Thankyou (once again) in advance crafters. We have a great track record of pulling together as a Community, and I look forward to us doing it again.

Right here for the link.


By way of background:

The Very Snuggly Quilt program is a charity quilting group run under the Victorian Quilters Inc. banner.

On the second Tuesday of every month the group deliver an amazing 170 to 200 quilts to the children who are patients at the Royal Children Hospital, located in Melbourne, Australia. (Hat’s off to the care givers in every children’s hospital, all around the world).

That’s every month people. They undertake to visit all wards except short term stays.

It is hoped that these quilts will provide some extra warmth and comfort to the children and their families at a difficult time.

Families frequently express their surprise that people generously spend time to create something that is then given to a child they do not know. As you can imagine, the quilts quickly become treasured possessions, with many of the children bringing the quilt back to hospital for another appointments or future admissions.

The group rely on fabric donations. They receive some fantastically generous support. They also receive a lot of brown fabric. A lot of very dated fabric, and we all know how quickly fashion changes, including in the world of fabric. There only ‘rule’ is no Christmas fabric. I reckon that’s an easy rule to abide by.

It would be rude not to mention it

Frogs? Owls? Squirrels? All the Critters.

Tula Pink’s All Stars is colourful, beautiful and features many of her most popular feature prints.

There is also a whole new co-ords range.

BUT THEN, as if the fabric was not enough, there is a new Rotary Cutter plus Cutting mats.

The notions will land very soon. The fabric we have to wait for. Anyone who has previously used any of the Tula Pink hardware range, knows how good the quality is.

All listed here – should you decide that is your thing.


Fabric Clubs

Introducing three new Clubs, to the Cotton Factory Social Scene.

It’s been a very long time since I have been to an actual club. Like with strobe lights, loud noise and overpriced drinks. (Hard to remember what the attraction was really).
But fabric clubs I do enjoy. And I very much enjoy sharing them with you and the broader community.
So here’s three new and always affordable clubs for you to consider.
The Fussy Cutter’s and Ugly Mother’s Club will have mail outs every second month starting in November 2017. You will receive six parcels over the year. And the Rainbow Club, which also commence in November 2017, and have mail outs for the next 8 months. I hope there’s one that takes your fabric fancy. Happy Clubbing

TILDA $14pm

Most of the bolts are getting rather thin.

But still some on all of them, from the Circus range, so you can have some fun at this price.

Tilda from the bolt at $14pm, and bundles on special also.

Right here, for those who like to let their fingers do the walking.


Telling you first. (Blog readers deserve that!)

Scrap packs.
Choose your flavour.
We have done large scrap packs in the recent past, and they have been wonderfully popular.
For those that like more specificity, we have made up some smaller bundles. Specific colour groups.

Most bundles are approx. 8 fat eights. There are some smaller pieces (and all very useful sizes).
There is at least one metre of fabric in every bundle, and a min of eight different fabrics. And at $12 per bundle these are great buying. (The photos are indicative; these are some of the first bundles ready for shipment).
Postage is as a letter ($3.30 in Australia), so a lovely way to inject some variety into your stash.

Black, white and grey.
Low volumes, (neutrals, creams, whites and light greys)
Blue and greens. (I sew with these a lot, so there is always oodles of choice in these).
Rainbow. (A little of each of the colour spectrum).
Each bundle unique.

Available here.




Fussy Cutters Club


We have all heard the jokes from non quilters, about how we take perfectly good fabric and cut it up, only to stitch it all back together again.

I think it best we just feel sorry for the people who can’t or don’t sew, as they don’t know the joy that is fabric, colour and texture.

But that aside, I have spent the morning with my newest book, and it’s another corker. This book encourages you to cut up your fabric with intention.

Angie has been a long time supporter of Cotton Factory. I’ve worked with her at a distance on a couple of social media based sew-alongs, and she is a technology wiz and wonderful creator. Here’s wishing her nothing but success as her first book hits our shelves. My advance copy is going to be absolutely falling apart before the month is out!

My mother-load of books comes this month, and if you’d like to be amongst the fussy cutting goodies, they will ship to you the week of 24th September, if not before.

Some page shots, for your planning enjoyment.

Available to order here.

Fathers Day Hardware

No. Not of the Bunnings kind, of the BAG kind.

And as much as I enjoy a good trip to Bunnings, these I enjoy a lot more.

Zipper Pulls. Bag Bling.

Too cool.

Link to the good stuff, at your fingertips.

And that gorgeous bag above? Nope. Not made by me. Made by a much more accomplished maker, Sharon Burgess of Lilabellelane Creations. Click on either photo to be taken directly to her blog – and read all about this lovely creation.